Google could help you to chat with your friends via robotic replies

AI-based auto-reply of messages could be the next turning point in the field of Technology - Google

Google, Artificial Intelligence

You might have used the trending AI (Artificial Intelligence) based chatbots like the one made by Microsoft (Ruuh). Now search engine giant Google is planning to reduce your stress of replying to your numerous friends by giving a hard typing activity. Google might be delivering robotic action to chat with your friends. Google is working on an AI-based auto-reply.

Google, Artificial IntelligenceGoogle’s experimental product lab well known as Area 120 is currently testing this new system which is called merely as Reply which is expected to work with Google Hangouts, Allo, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Along with these most using messaging platforms, the function will go easily enabled with Android Messages, Skype, Twitter, direct messages and even Slack too.

Now you might be thinking how that AI-based system will reply to the messages received from the second person. So the basic logic behind that is this AI-based platform will suggest you some answered from which one can choose by just a single tap. So this will be a semi-automated process as you just need to select an option from all.

Google might be taking a little more info about you to suggest the best answer as it will also collect your calendar, location and other small information. For example, if you have planned a meeting on a particular date in your schedule, and your friend is asking for a hangout at that time, then the answer will automatically come in front that you already have a meet on that day so the replies could be, “I’ll be free after 4 pm” or “I’ll remain engaged on that date” or something like this.

If the test goes true and gives some positive replies, then this could be a turning point in the field of Artificial Intelligence-based technologies and systems. As of now, it is not confirmed that whether the company will launch a testing or beta version in some of its products or not, but the sources have confirmed that the company is working on this advanced system.


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