March 3, 2024

10 Most Popular Christmas Traditions, According to a New Study

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Christmas is that time of year when traditions take on an extra amount of importance. Families often hand down traditions for generations, making them even more precious. Now, a new study is revealing some of the most popular Christmas traditions for Americans.

The study, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Spinbrush (via set out to find American’s top gifting traditions, as well as the most popular practical gifts.

As for traditions, the top gifting traditions were opening one present on Christmas Eve and having one person distribute the presents from underneath the tree, with 45% of respondents saying both are something they do each year. Also popular was opening presents at midnight on Christmas (44%), a white elephant or secret Santa exchange (40%) and getting gifts for the pets (36%).

On the gifts front, the most popular gift was candy or chocolate, with 47% of the participants indicating they give that gift. Other popular gifts included something homemade (47%), a gift card or money (46%), makeup products (37%) and books (34%).

Top 10 Gifting Traditions:

Opening one present on Christmas Eve (45%)
Allowing one person to distribute gifts from the Christmas tree (45%)
Opening presents at midnight on Christmas (44%)
A White Elephant/Secret Santa exchange (40%)
Gifts for the pets (36%)
The specific order of opening gifts (35%)
Playing a game before opening gifts (%34)
Writing little hints on the wrapping paper (%34)
Gifts every night of Hanukkah (%32)
Nobody can see the tree Christmas morning until everyone is up (%29)

Top 10 Recurring Gifts to Give or Receive:

Chocolate/candy (%47)
Something homemade (44%)
A gift card/money (46%)
Makeup products (37%)
Books (34%)
Self-care items (33%)
A toothbrush (32%)
Skin products (31%)
Underwear (30%)
Pajamas (30%)

Find the full study via here.

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