September 27, 2023

Want to Make Cheesecake for Christmas? Kraft Will Pay You $20 Not to Do It

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There’s a cream cheese shortage, and Kraft is hoping to entice you into not making cheesecake this holiday season. That’s not going to be easy, considering how many people love cheesecake. I mean, think about how many families couldn’t imagine Christmas dinner without that slice of pumpkin cheesecake. But, Kraft is going to going to try.

Heading into Christmas week, a select number of people will be able to spend $20 on dessert and charge it to Kraft, who owns Philadelphia Cream Cheese. The idea is that if someone can’t bake a cheesecake due to the current cream cheese shortage, they can get another dessert from Kraft, for free.

So, how to you redeem the $20? Those who want in should visit a special website set up by Kraft. On Friday and Saturday (Dec. 17 and 18), up to 18,000 of them will be able to snag a reimbursement for a holiday baked good. They’ll be able to send receipts to Kraft a few weeks later for their full refund.

Cream cheese is a hot commodity these days. Last year, with so many people staying at home and baking at home, the demand for cream cheese rose roughly 18% for the same time period in 2019. It’s still that hight, according to Kraft. Plus, restaurants are ordering more cream cheese.

Kraft understands that people want their cream cheese, and they’re on it. In fact, Kraft says they’re putting more resources into its Philadelphia brand, according to Basak Oguz, Philadelphia marketing director.

“We’re investing millions of dollars on Philadelphia cream cheese,” she told CNN Business in an email. Oguz also said that Kraft has temporarily paused making “a very limited number” of Philadelphia products in order to make more of the brand’s popular products, such as cream cheese.

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