March 3, 2024

Starbucks permanently pulling out of Russia

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Photo by TR on Unsplash

Starbucks is leaving the Russian market. In a memo sent out to employees Monday (May 23), the Seattle-based company announced it will close its 130 stores and not have any brand presence in Russia.

According to Starbucks, they will keep paying their nearly 2,000 Russian employees for six months and help them find new jobs.

Alshaya Group, a Kuwait-based franchise operator, owns and operates Starbucks’ Russian shops. Starbucks had already temporarily stopped all business activity in Russia on March 8 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Starbucks joins numerous other companies that have pulled out of Russia, including McDonald’s, who recently announced it will sell its Russian business Alexander Govor, who operates 25 restaurants in Siberia. According to McDonald’s, Govor will purchase 850 Russian restaurants and run them under a new brand and name.

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