March 3, 2024

This is the Biggest Party City in America

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Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

If you’re looking to get away for a fun summer trip and want to stay in the Stats, you’re in luck. One new study names the biggest party cities in America.

The research comes from, which conducted a study to find the biggest cities in the world. “As there are as many party preferences as there are partiers, we have included a variety of cities from across the country to cater to every taste,” the study says. “From the casino floors of MGM Grand in Vegas to Atlantic City’s Borgata, and from the beaches of California to the rooftop bars of the East Coast, we have compiled a comprehensive list to choose from.”

The Top 10 were largely filled with Florida towns. The few towns that made it in the top 10 that weren’t in Florida offered other adult activities, such as gambling and live entertainment.

So, what’s on top? The No. 1 on the list as the biggest party city in America is Atlantic City, New Jersey. It has an overall party score of 10/10. “The coastal resort city, known as ‘mini-Vegas’ or ‘America’s Playground,’ is mainly associated with its buzzing casinos and the world-famous Boardwalk,” they state. “Despite its popularity, the city’s hotel prices have stayed low with an average cost of $116 per night. Placing on top of our list of party cities, the best part of AC? There is no last call at the bar, so the partying doesn’t have to stop.”

Find the full list here.

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