Now, pre-order apps on Apple App Store

Apple has launched a simple but useful new feature for the App Store.

Now, pre-order apps on Apple App Store

Apple has expanded its list of features on the company’s official App Store. The latest feature empowers IOS users with the ability to pre-order apps. In other words, those who pre-order apps, will automatically find them downloaded to their respective devices once they are officially available for release by the developer.

This sure is an added advantage for the developer, as it allows the application to generate more public interest. The developer can post their app in Apple’s App Store roughly ninety days before they actually plan on launching it. Previously, the developers were able to post their apps for use only when they were ready to be launched. Customers can choose for themselves, whether or not they plan on preordering the apps. This feature has been implemented on Apple’s App Store for all operating systems, including IOS, macOS, and tvOS. Developers have the option of either offering the application for free or as a form of paid preorder. The price of the application can change in the preorder period. In a situation like this, customers will be charged the price that is comparatively lower. Purchasers won’t be charged for the application unless they have been downloaded in their devices.

This is a particularly helpful feature for the gaming apps niche. There are a lot of games that are announced beforehand. The developers can easily draw more attention to their new applications through the use of this feature. Smartphone users can always purchase their favorite apps ahead of time, without having to worry about forgetting. Apple, surprisingly, is not the first technology brand to offer introduce such a feature. Google offered a similar feature a couple of years back. Android users were able to pre-register their apps before their official release. Customers who preordered these apps were notified of the same when the apps were launched for use. Thereafter, the applications were automatically downloaded when made available on the store.

Apple’s new feature was first spotted as being listed on iTunes Connect Resource and Help document. According to the information provided in the official document, the developers will be able to “make new apps available for pre-order on all Apple platforms.” The Cupertino giant has already outlined particular steps that the developers are required to follow, in order to make their applications available for pre-order. Interested developers will be required to navigate the ‘Pricing’ and ‘Availability’ sections under the ‘iTunes Connect’ category of the App Store. They need to ensure that they choose ‘Make Available for Pre-order’ option before submitting an application for review.

According to a report by Apple Insider, following given is the list of criteria that app developers need to fulfill:

Release date

App developers who wish to make their products available for pre-order on Apple’s App Store must ensure that their products have a release date of at least two days in the future and not more than ninety days in the future. Pre-ordering for both, paid and free apps are made available.


Two apps (one paid, one free) are already made available for use. Gorogoa ($4.99) and Inside (free) have already been made available for pre-order on the Apple App Store. These applications are expected to release within a week’s time.

General availability

The Cupertino giant recently made an announcement regarding the general availability of introductory pricing for subscriptions. This will allow developers to charge less for the initial months. An auto-renewing subscription option is also made available for users. The feature is expected to launch to all the devices running on IOS 11.2.


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