March 3, 2024

Michigan House Passes Repeal of Right-to-Work Law

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Photo by Bimatshu Pyakuryal on Unsplash

Photo by Bimatshu Pyakuryal on Unsplash

Michigan’s Democratic-led House has approved legislation to repeal Michigan’s “right-to-work,” which was passed back in 2012 when Republicans were in control of the Statehouse.

The prohibits public and private unions from requiring that nonunion employees pay union dues, even if the union bargains on their behalf. Democrats have made repealing the controversial law a major priority since taking full control of the state government in 2023.

“This bill is not about making history. It is about restoring the rights of workers from whose work we’ve all benefited,” Rep. Jim Haadsma, a Battle Creek Democrat, said on the House floor before the vote.

Supporters of the repeal cheered following the vote, which official repealed “right=to-work.” In addition to this vote, the House also approved legislation restoring the state’s prevailing wage law, which requires contractors hired for state projects to pay union-level wages.

Both bills will have to pass the state Senate and then be sent to Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for final approval. The Democrats have control of the state Senate, so supporters of the repeal feel optimistic about a final repeal.

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