December 1, 2023

2023 Spring Weather Forecast: A Hot or Cold Season in the Midwest?

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Spring flowers

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Spring is just around the corner, as they say, and the new 2023 Spring Weather Forecast from the Farmer’s Almanac is here. So, will we got a hot or chilly spring across the United States?

“The updated 2023 Spring Weather Forecast favors a fairly average spring with a few exceptions,” the Farmer’s Almanac states. That means not to expect anything too crazy, but of course, there are always a couple of strange weather events.

As for precipitation in the Midwest, the Almanac states that, “Precipitation looks to be on the wet side in the Upper Midwest, in the Appalachians, and into the Mid-Atlantic.” They add that, “Most of the area from the Ohio Valley down to the Gulf Coast will see near-normal rainfall, as opposed to much of the Upper Midwest and Plains, where above-normal precipitation will be the norm.” The Almanac doesn’t really address the temperatures in the Midwest for spring 2023, but it doesn’t list the area as one of the spots that will be too terribly cold or warm.

Going into more specifics and moving away from the Almanac, according to, March has been trending slightly colder in the Northern Plains and upper Midwest, plus less warm in the Southeast. That means to expect a colder than average March. By May, though, things will heat up, as the report states that, “A​reas from Southern California to the Midwest and Northeast to the Deep South and Florida are expected to at least skew warmer than usual for May.”

In April, also states that we could see slightly cooler temperatures, stating, “Lingering chill is possible in t​he Pacific Northwest, northern Rockies, Northern Plains, upper Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes and possibly the Northeast. The best chance of persistent colder-than-average temperatures is from the plains of eastern Montana and North Dakota across Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Michigan.”

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