April 14, 2024

Illinois’ Minimum Wage to Increase by $1 on Jan. 1, 2022

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Illinois’ minimum wage will increase to $12 per hour on New Year’s Day, 2022, according to Department of Labor Public Information Officer Paul Cicchini.

That marks a $1 per hour increase. According to the department, minimum-wage workers should “keep a close eye” on their paychecks in 2022 to see the change. Any worked clocked in the New Year will be under the new minimum wage rate.

In addition, the new law has some provisions for employers to count gratuities to offset wages for select workers, such as waiters and waitresses, who make tips. Employers may pay tipped employees 60% of the hourly minimum wage, but those employees must still earn the $12 minimum wage after tips are counted, and if not, the employer will have to make up the difference.

Gov. JB Pritzker also signed legislation in 2019 that will have the Illinois hourly wage increased to a $15 an hour by 2025. Three minimum wage increases are gone into effect wage since the legislation was signed. In Chicago, the minimum wage is currently $15 an hour for employers that have 21 or more employees and $14 an hour for smaller businesses.

Before 2019, the latest Illinois minimum wage increase was back in 2010, when it went up to $8.25.

Under the bill, workers under 18 years old and who work fewer than 650 hours in a year will earn a minimum wage of $9.25 per hour beginning Jan. 1, the department said.

The youth minimum wage rate is slated to go up to $13 an hour by 2025. Youth workers, meaning they’re under 18 years old, and who work less than 650 hours in a year will earn a minimum wage of $9.25 per hour starting Jan. 1, 2022, according to the department.

Employees experiencing problems with the minimum wage may file a complaint with IDOL here or call 312-793-2800.

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