March 3, 2024

Leavenworth, Washington, Named the Best Christmas Town in America

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Certain towns just embody the spirit of Christmas and holiday traditions. Those towns tend to have lots of snow and fun, old-fashioned activities that are perfect for the holiday season. In that spirit, NextVacay has come out with an analysis of the most “Christmassy” towns in the United States.

For the study, NextVacay ranked the towns by Christmas Spirit, by factoring the percentage increased searches over the past year. Other factors included Average Snowfall, with the most snowy locations getting a higher score; coziness, giving smaller towns a higher score; and Instragram-ability, giving a higher score to towns whose name were hash-tagged with the word “Christmas” the most Towns with Christmas Markets got some bonus points.

“Oh Christmas towns, oh Christmas towns, how lovely are thy festive features,” NextVacay states on their official website. “We’ve ranked the most Christmassy locations in the world to show you where you should ho-ho-go on your next winter vacation.”

So, which U.S. city was on top? According to the study, Leavenworth, Washington, is the most “Christmassy” town in America. After all, the town actually looks like a Bavarian village and does it up big for Christmas, counting 21 miles of Christmas lights. The town is also an Instagram favorite and offers plenty of festive winter activities, such as a reindeer farm, Christmas market and sledding competition. Leavenworth also gets a whopping 96 inches of snow a year.

Leavenworth is followed by Mystic, Connecticut; Woodstock, Vermont; Boston, Massachusetts; and New York City, to round out the top five best Christmas cities in the U.S.

Here are the top 10 most “Christmassy” towns in America, according to NextVacay:

1. Leavenworth, Washington
2. Mystic, Connecticut
3. Woodstock, Vermont
4. Boston, Massachusetts
5. New York City, New York
6. New Hope, Pennsylvania
7. East Aurora, New York
8. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
9. Big Bear Lake, California
10. Vail, Colorado

To view the full report and see the top 50 most Christmassy towns in America according to NextVacay, go here.

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