December 1, 2023

Michigan Christmas Blizzard is ‘One of the Worst’ This Weather Channel Reporter Has Seen

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West Michigan must have been naughty this year, because the west side of the state got doused with a massive blizzard this Christmas weekend. As it turns out, that blizzard was one of the strongest in recent years, according to a longtime Weather Channel reporter.

Mike Seidel, a meteorologist with The Weather Channel, flew into west Michigan on Christmas Week to cover the blizzard.

“One of the worst blizzards I’ve covered over the past 30 years!” Seidel said in a tweet on Friday (Dec. 23).

The Weather Channel was all over this story. They had meteorologists stationed in Holland, Michigan, as well as Chicago, Boston, Kansas City and Louisville.

While Seidel was in Michigan, he reported 40 to 50 mile per hour winds and below zero wind chills. He showed dramatic videos and images from the storm in Holland via Twitter. He also showed a dangerous drive from Holland to nearby Grand Rapids, which you can watch below.

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