December 1, 2023

Michigan Haunted House Opening to Celebrate ‘Halfway to Halloween’

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Did you know that we’re almost at the halfway point to Halloween? It’s true.

In honor of being halfway to the spooky season, a Michigan haunted house is launching their version of Christmas in July with an exclusive weekend of events in May, named “Halfway to Halloween.”

Deranged Haunted Attraction in Romulus will hold their “Halfway to Halloween Trail” event on Friday and Saturday, May 12 and 13, for a one-weekend event. The event tells the story of Greeno Industries, with the haunted house saying that Greeno “was an industrial company that remained rather mysterious behind locked gates and barbed wire fences. The premises they operate on were dark and secured while visitors were not permitted. There had been rumblings across town that the Greeno Industrial Plant was working outside of their agreement with the local government. It was said they were working on a larger money-making product utilizing harsher chemicals with toxicity levels that were far beyond the approved regulations.” Find more about the scary story here.

Deranged Haunted Attraction is located at 35560 Goddard Road in Romulus. For tickets, go here.

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