December 1, 2023

Michigan Plow Tracker: Find Your Local Plows

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Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

It’s just the beginning of the winter season in Michigan, and that usually means to get ready for a lot snow. If you live in an area where getting out on the road depends on local plow trucks, then keep this interactive map handy all season long. This map is updated every minute, so you can refer to it throughout the winter season when you’re hoping to see a local plow truck.

The Michigan Department of Transportation’s MiDrive map has lots of information about Michigan roadways, including accident locations, traffic speeds, where the plow trucks are currently working and more.

Here’s what to do on the interactive map: Simply click on this link, and in the upper left hand part of the map, click the truck icon. Then, you’ll see little truck icons pop up all over the map. Those icons indicate where the plows are currently located. It’s a very handy tool, especially if you’re in a crunch and need to know when you’ll be able to get back out on the roads. In the summer, the map is also useful for other road conditions and detours. Bookmark the map here.

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