December 1, 2023

Sparrow Health System and the University of Michigan Health are Merging – Will Anything Change?

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CDC photo of a patient getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Two major Michigan hospitals have been working on a merge, and the contract was made official earlier this month.

So, what will change at these facilities? Well, if you’re a patient at either of these facilities, you may not notice much of a difference. According to officials, their services likely won’t change.

Lansing-based Sparrow Health System has joined with the University of Michigan Health. The two hospital groups have “received the necessary regulatory approvals to partner,” according to a statement. The deal was complete and went into effect on April 1.

Together, the two have become one of Michigan’s largest health care systems, valued at $7 billion. The deal also includes Sparrow’s Physicians Health Plan and Medicare Advantage plan.

“Today is just an absolutely historic day for us,” James F. Dover, president and CEO of the Sparrow Health System, said during a news conference. “We’ve worked so long and hard in order to prepare ourselves to be able to officially join the University of Michigan Health System. (I am) very proud of this moment, as well as what the future now offers for us.”

During the news conference, Dover said that the cost for patients will not rise. Patients will also be able to keep their current physicians.

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