March 3, 2024

Buffalo Bills’ Spencer Brown Fined $5,000 After Drinking Fan’s Beer

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Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

Beer can be expensive these days, but a $5,000 beer is pretty much unheard of- unless you’re in the NFL, that is.

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Spencer Brown was fined a whopping $5,000 by the National Football League after celebrating a touchdown by taking a chug of beer from a fan in the crowd.

Brown took to twitter to comment on the matter, saying, “Well…… ended up being the most expensive @budlight of my life.” Brown is on a rookie contract as a 2021 third-round pick, so $5,000 fee probably hurt a bit, but it’s nice to see him poking fun at the matter.

Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network tweeted the news on the fine on Christmas Eve. Bah humbug? The official reason for the fine from the NFL was using a prop while celebrating a touchdown victory.

Brown was spotted taking the fan’s beer after a Stefon Diggs touchdown against the Carolina Panthers during Sunday’s (Dec. 19) game. It was a thrilling moment for Brown, Diggs and Buffalo Bills fans, so perhaps it was worth the hefty price tag.

Brown and Stefon Diggs ending up buying some Bud Light for the fan they grabbed the beer from. They actually took to social media to find the fan following the game, and after some searching and tips, were able to locate him. Brown and Diggs then dropping off cases of Bud Light to the fan.

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