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US White House criticises China for $3bn tolls on imports

The White House has actually criticised China after it enforced vindictive tolls versus the United States on a variety of items consisting of pork as well as wine. Beijing has actually presented obligations of approximately 25% on 128 American imports adhering to President Donald Trump's...

Donald Trump put tweet war over Russia investigation

New tweets provide momentum to a story dogging the White House and putting accusations of Russian collusion back in the headings.

US President Donald Trump denies Democrats claim of DACA deal

US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that there was "no deal" with the Democrats to extend protections for hundreds of thousands of young documented immigrants and also not to include a wall along the US-Mexico border in the border security package. But he...

Trump says White House ‘a real dump’ hit back saying ‘I love it’

Trump says White House 'a real dump' hit back saying 'I love it'
United State National Golf Club, where our President Mr. Donald Trump spent his most of his time, there while playing golf he told his members that "White House is a real dump." He criticized his Official residence After hearing the reports Trump got angry and...

Scaramucci is out from White House as a communications director

Scaramucci is out from White House as a communications director
United State President Donald Trump release Anthony Scaramucci, 53, from his post as a communications director in White House only after 10 days after he was appointed. This came after Scaramucc unloaded on former chief of staff Reince Priebus and White House chief strategist Steve Bannon in an...

Trump Jr. contradicts by Sean Spicer on meeting with Russia

Trump Jr. contradicts by Sean Spicer on meeting with Russia
Monday, Sean Spicer (White House press secretary), contradicted President Donald Trump when he instead that Trump Jr. that meeting with Russian was about adoption policy. Last week it was revealed that Mr. Trump Jr met with lawyer Veselnitskaya, and being told she would provide information and official...

Donald Trump warned by White House over reversing detente policy with Cuba

A very big controversy had come in front in which the White House had warned the elected President Donald Trump over to terminate the detente policy with Cuba. The updates had come in front when Trump posted on twitter and write, "If Cuba is unwilling...

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