March 3, 2024

COVID Antiviral Drug Becoming More Available in the U.S.

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N95 mask

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

For those who come down with COVID-19, the antiviral treatment Paxlovid can be a lifesaver. Now, the White House has announced more steps to make the drug more accessible across the U.S. It’s a move they hope will keep the virus at bay during the busy summer travel season.

The U.S. opened its first test-to-treat site is Thursday (May 26) in Rhode Island. The federally-backed site will offer patients who test positive immediate access to Paxlovid.

Additional federally supported sites will open in the next few weeks in Massachusetts and New York City. In addition, the U.S. will send federal prescribers to several Minnesota testing sites next week, making them test-to-treat locations.

Some drugstores across the county already offer a program where people can come in, get tested and obtain the antiviral drum immediately, with the assistance of an in-house doctor. Reach out to your local drugstore to see if they offer that service.

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