December 1, 2023

Cedar Point Officially Removes Wicked Twister Roller Coaster

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Cedar Point roller coaster image

Photo by Skyler Gerald on Unsplash

SANDUSKY, Ohio – They say change is inevitable, but that can be difficult when it comes to a favorite ride getting removed at an amusement park. However, time moves on, and eventually, favorite rides have to be retired.

The final pieces of Cedar Point’s Wicked Twister in Sandusky, Ohio, have officially been removed. The massive 72-mph rollercoaster was one of the biggest of its era, clocking in at 215 feet tall, featuring two spiraling twists.

The ride closed on Sept. 6, 2021 but stayed at Cedar Point until last Friday (Jan. 14). Wicked Twister stood tall for two decades and gave more than 16 million rides, according to the park’s website.

“Named Wicked Twister, the 215-foot-tall, 72-mph steel roller coaster will launch riders into a new dimension of thrills and will be Cedar Point’s 15th roller coaster, enabling the park to break its own world record for having more coasters than anywhere on Earth,” a nostalgic press release from the original launch in 2002 stated.

The release continued, “A ‘double-twisting’ impulse roller coaster, Wicked Twister will use the advanced technology of linear induction motors (LIM) to rocket riders out of the coaster’s station – at a maximum speed of 72 mph in 2.5 seconds! — propelling forward and backward and up and down a U-shaped track with spiraling 450-degree corkscrews atop each vertical 215-foot-tall tower. With ‘twists’ on both towers — instead of just one — Wicked Twister will be the first and only coaster of its kind anywhere in the world.”

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