April 14, 2024

Ohio State University Marching Band Gets Props from Tom Cruise on ‘Top Gun’ Halftime Show

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Photo by Curioso Photography on Unsplash

Ohio State is heading to the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, 2022, to take on the Utah Utes, and it’s not only the team that’s getting some national attention– the marching band is in the spotlight, too.

The Ohio State University Marching Band performed a tribute to the blockbuster film “Top Gun” during its halftime show for the Purdue game on Nov. 13, and it’s a performance that was seen around the world. That’s sometimes the case when a school marching band steps out of the box and covers a popular, commercially-successful selection of music that isn’t often heard in an educational setting.

As it turns out, one of the movie’s big superstars really enjoyed the show. He even contacted the band to give them props for the performance over winter break.

On Tuesday (Dec. 28), the Ohio State Marching Band Twitter account (@TBDBITL) tweeted out the news that the star of “Top Gun,” Tom Cruise, saw the show and was so taken aback that he sent them a special thank you message.

“Dear Band, The Top Gun tribute was fantastic. What a phenomenal performance,” Cruse says in the beginning of the video message. He then goes on to tell them how impressed he was with the performance and even invites the marching crew to see an exclusive screening of the sequel to the movie in Columbus, Ohio.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is set to debut in theatres in May, marking the 36th anniversary of the original movie.

That’s not all. Cruise also sent “Top Gun: Maverick” T-shirts for the band members. He also wished the team good luck in the upcoming Rose Bowl on Jan. 1. The band will perform during the bowl’s halftime show, and they’ll also march in the famed Tournament of Roses parade.

View the Ohio State Marching Band performance of “Top Gun” music below.

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